SHOEKNOWS was founded with a mission – a mission to create the most stylish and sustainable footwear that is eco-friendly and responsible. With a focus on creating a positive impact on both the world and the people around us, we have successfully created a line of luxurious and fashion-forward footwear with exceptional quality and at a fair price.

Our Materials

Using special technology to transform materials into clothing is no longer news. As more and more consumers join the trend of sustainable shopping, we are proud to be a part of recycling wasted materials for our mother earth by utilizing our unique shoes-making technology such as 3D knit with zero-waste. Our factory has helped us producing the threads that are knitted to the surface of a pair of shoes with only 6 plastic bottles. The plastic bottles are sourced from our carefully selected suppliers and factories that meet our sustainability criteria and process discarded plastics from the oceans.

Our "Tech Knit"

Tech Knit

Before we dig into the knitting methodology, we want to quickly answer a most frequently asked question-How are plastics turning into threads?
Here is an abbreviated version that can help you understand: To begin, we have a supply chain that gathers discarded PET plastic bottles from the ocean. Then, the factory cleans up the plastics to make sure there's no filth and dirt in them. The cutting machine then chips the plastic into flakes which are extruded later into threads.
Last but not the least, the factory loads the fabric into our high-tech 3D Knitting machine that contains our secret design method and algorithm. Wa-lah--these beautiful and soft upper bodies of the shoes are made with minimum waste during the shoe production.

Insoles and Outsoles

Our insoles are crafted using soft natural latex foam derived from rubber resin for everyday comfort and a lightweight feel on the foot. And also because they are naturally sourced which meets our sustainability mission.
Our soles are created using carbon-free rubber for a highly elastic and flexible feel that is shock-resistant, fungi-proof, and odor-resistant.

Not Just the Shoe​

Environmental shoe box

All of our packagings are created using 90% recycled cardboard. We try not to add artificial colors on the packaging to avoid wastes.
A little FYI, we designed our box with a handle in it, so we have seen some people transformed the packaging into a carriable container for small items. Who wouldn't want to be more eco-friendly and to do some DIY to reuse our packaging?

Our Factory

Machine for producing shoes

After a couple of on-site visits to the factory and standard assessment, we picked our factory in Dongguan, China based on their quality, price, speed, environmental impact and working condition and employee treatment. We believe that our factory is in a great place of taking care of our products and workers because the factory frequently improves the working conditions and benefits for their employees to ensure their mental and physical health and safety.
Our factory works on reducing impact on environment as much as possible. The factory mainly relies on machines to manufacture the products, other unnecessary usages like lights, unless required, are turned off during the day to make sure no extra waste during the production.